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Discussion of "se'e'i"
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Comment #1: Not my understanding of what "merge" means.
Curtis W Franks (Thu May 2 18:53:38 2019)

My impression (based on the English definition) is that "se'e'i broda"
does not mean the same thing as "broda gi'a se broda"; but the Lojban
definition says that they do indeed mean the same thing.

I am not sure which one would be more useful, but I understood "mi se'e'i
tavla" to be something closer to "mi mi tavla" ("I talk to myself"),
wherein tavla1=tavla2.

The Lojban definition would have it mean "I talk (to someone), or am
talked to (by someone), or possibly both" (where either 'someone' may be
myself, but they need not even be equivalent to eachother).

But, come to think of it, there have been various efforts to establish
reciprocality in the language, so maybe this effort is actually totally
unrelated to those.

I do not really care and I do not think that the choice will effect my
related definition (see: "te'e'a etc.) or any edits which I have made to
"se'e'i' or "te'e'i" (for the sake of clarity), but we should make it
very clear which option we mean (and possibly use a different word from
"merge", or rewrite the Lojban definitions, depending on which meaning is
chosen/intended) and then review all of my edits and related creations.

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