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Discussion of "kardacevo"
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Comment #2: Re: Standard?
gleki (Wed Apr 25 08:16:22 2018)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I propose the introduction of another sumti slot for the standard being
> used.
> The basic Kardashev scale is defined so as to output numbers only 1, 2,
> 3 (and presumably 0); how it determines output is a little handwavy, but
> is uses booleans (probably fuzzy logic) in order to determine whether a
> civilization has 'mastered' (whatever that means) a certain environmental

> factor and source of energy such that the greater the accomplishment, the

> greater the output value (with 3 being the greatest).
> There are a lot of generalizations and derived scales which do things
> well-define the domain and the function which does the mapping,
> or extrapolate from the former, or measure different things (such as
> information availability/usage). I would claim that these are all
> the Kardashev scale and, in any case, are all kardacevo ckilu. Thus, it
> would be good to be able to specify which exactly is meant.

feel free to change the def.

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