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Discussion of "remnrnegro"
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Comment #9: Re: this word absolutely should not be in the language
la lunra (Sun Nov 12 03:51:58 2023)

lunanightfern wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > maybe you can create a new definition of the word but i can't see
> > immediately how it can be improved.
> >
> > Lojban was never neutral because world changes. E.g. no gismu for
> > Empire but a gismu for Soviet Union although both countries no longer
> > exist (this was different when Lojban was born).
> >
> > Same for fonxa, skami, kacma.
> >
> > Had Lojban been born in the beginning of the 20th century it would be
> > possible such obsolete words for human races would be present just
> we
> > have fonxa and kacma reminding us of past epochs.
> >
> > Wiktionary has such word just fine.
> >
> > https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/negroid#English
> English is a language with a very long history. Wiktionary indeed has a
> page defining that word, but that is a word which already exists, and
> therefore should have an already-existing definition listed.
> being part of the Wikimedia family of wikis, is not making anything new
> here.
> The page you linked writes “dated, offensive” for both the adjectival
> nominal forms of that word, so, pray tell, is it truly necessary to
> such *new* for the *sole purpose* of demeaning towards black people? Do
> we really miss much if we *don’t* have racist words in our dictionary?

As for cinki, it is similar merely by coincidence. There is nothing
offensive within the definition nor its etymology.

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