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Discussion of "dau'o"
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Comment #3: Re: lo se cmavo
Curtis W Franks (Sun Sep 17 22:20:39 2017)

gleki wrote:
> looks more like another semantic subclass of UI (not attitudinal but
> grammatically the same maybe UI3a/UI3b), pei?

I am wondering whether I should just make this a PA. Currently "rodau'o"
means something like "the number x such that x is all (of the relevant
thing/the greatest count which is appropriate) and x >= 1.". In other words
it means "ro" when "ro" is known or asserted to be at least one.

Could we just fit this meaning into "dau'o" alone (no "ro") and treat it
as a vague number just as we do "ro" - it would, in fact, be equal to it
(with an added assumption).

On the other hand, I was intending this to be used with "ro'oi" and other
quantifiers/(vague) numbers too (particularly, if they do not automatically
have existential import). Heck, even "xo'eidau'o" would mean something
like "some number (of things) such that the number is at least 1 (meaning
that the supposed things exist)"; actually, if other numbers count as
specifying existence, then "xo'eidau'o" would potentially extend to them
too, not just those greater than or equal to 1. But the plural logic is
especially important; I am somewhat loath to multiply the number of all
singular quantifiers by three (one for singular and existential, one for
plural, and one for plural and existential) just so that this would be PA.

But making it PA does align well with something else which I am considering
and which I think may be beneficial.

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