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Discussion of "zmaduje"
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Comment #2: "po'o"
Curtis W Franks (Tue Dec 22 09:32:09 2020)

I think that "li pa po'o" being submitted to x4 is sufficient to exclude
the possibility that 2 can satisfy/be truthfully submitted to x4. Notice
that doing so would not imply that the sumti which uas been submitted to
x1 is the unique existing/possible sumti which could be so supplied (all
other sumti submissions being unchanged); it just means that, of the sumti
which were submitted, only those which were submitted to x1 satisfy the
requirement of actually attaining/having/expressing the characteristic at
hand. In order to express the notion that the sumti submitted to x1 is the
unique possible sumti to be so submitted truthfully, use "po'o" in
modification of x1 rather than x4.

Also note that if multiple sumti are submitted to x1 or to x2 (via
connectives), then they live and die together by the claim made via x4. It
is possible that some attain the characteristic and that some do not, but
the statement made via x4 pertains to them all simultaneously: either it
is claimed that they all attain it, or it is not claimed that they all
attain it. (Notice the placement of the word "not" in the last sentence; I
did not say "it is claimed that they do not all attain it" nor "it is
claimed that they all do not attain it").

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