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Discussion of "uoi"
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Comment #4: Re: Why?
gleki (Fri Apr 1 06:58:26 2016)

krtisfranks wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > krtisfranks wrote:
> > > I am genuinely curious: Why does "ko'a" fail to answer "cusku ma"
> > the
> > > proper way?
> >
> >
> > It's a reference.
> What if I say "lu broda li'u goi ko'a" and then use it that way?

Well, the problem is that one can avoid direct answers like in

A: do cusku ma
B: lo vajni
A: i ma se cusku do gi'e porsi
B: lo lerfu ce'o lo lerfu

I meant uoi to be only direct constants that a given place requires. If
cusku2 is text then only text can be inserted as a valid answer.

I suppose a better formalization would be "avoid 'any'-like words like
lo, da poi". So then yes these would do: ko'a (previously
explicitly assigned), second usage of da in the same "discourse" (i.e.
while the first da is not cancelled), le/voi if it means "what the
speaker has in mind and the listener can guess (else miscommunication)"

I haven't yet formalized such situations as

A: do pu zukte ma
B: lo ka lumci lo kumfa pe mi


A: do pu zukte ma
B: lo vajni

I don't know if lo vajni can be considered a valid answer. It might be
not because it doesn't fill in a required abstraction. Or it might be fine
if the speaker is satisfied that the person B did something important and
wasn't idling.

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