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Discussion of "crami"
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Comment #11: Re: so not humans in legends?
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jan 25 22:55:07 2016)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > > ...
> you are mentioning crida all the way. So is it just proliferating
> features of existing that is "wide range" gismu without justifying their
> existence?
> crida is bound to "mythical humanoids". So is crami basically "x1 noi

> na remna cu participe x2 noi se ranmi"?

crami is bound to "mythical beings".
So, sure, a good understanding of crami is "x1 poi ke'a tolza'i ku'o
participe x2 noi ke'a re'au'e ja te ranmi". But I would caution that x2
need not be a specific story in the conceptualization of the speaker (hence
the option of "te ranmi"), that participation must be active in the sense
of x1 being involved with the story and being animate but it does not imply
being so active as to be interacting with the main characters or the plot
directly and in-world physically. And it is not tied to a story, but rather
an overarching culture conception of what fantasy beings can be included in
stories and which characteristics they possess. It is a collective cultural
and awareness (essentially, a mythos) that includes crami. In theory, the
whole species or class should be fantastic, not just individual examples
thereof. (So, Harry might be one since all wizards are fantastic, but
Napol?on would not be, since (in fact, he and) all other Muggle humans are
not fantastic (in a certain sense: not "all" as in "all conceivable" and
not "Muggle" in the sense that relies on the existence of wizards).)

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