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Discussion of "crami"
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Comment #3: Re: so not humans in legends?
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jan 23 23:02:04 2016)

gleki wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > Do Hercules, King Arthur count?
> > Does Sherlock Holmes count?
> > In fiction novellas does Napoleon count?
> > Does he count in historical novellas?
> And rephrasing. Is lo crami just "participe be lo se ranmi" or not?

Maybe Hercules and, less plausibly, King Arthur. In current legends,
probably not Napoleon. But I suppose that it is all subjective.

This word is basically meant to be crida, but not restricted humanoids.
I view crida to be "remsmi()crami". This word includes unicorns,
centaurs, manticores, ogres, dragons, vampires, monkey-tigers, the Loch
Ness monster, magic fish, ghost mushrooms, flobberworms, Hobbits,
winged-horses, griffins, hippogriffs, basilisks, elves, etc.

It excludes magic/mythological items (horns that bring back the dead,
swords that only take in that which makes them stronger, Horcruxes, the
Holy Grail, etc.) or materials (mythril, etc.), or the magic/divinity which
may embue some items/materials (hydrargum, gold, lead, consecrated

The creatures do need to appear in any particular story- or even a
well-defined "tale" with a plot. They can be urban legends or bogeyman
(but not necessarily humanoid). A culture just needs to have a sense of
their existence and they have to be somewhat "living/animate", and they
cannot actually exist.

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