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Discussion of "joi'au'a"
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Comment #2: Re: Word choice
Curtis W Franks (Fri Oct 16 21:25:00 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I chose this string of letters for the following reasons:
> 1) It is nonlogical connective of selma'o JOI; the first syllable makes
> this pretty clear.
> 2) It is, in a sense, a "mixing" or "collection" of options; joi sort
> means something similar.
> 3) joi is monosyllabic; while I wanted to avoid having too few sounds
> the word, I did not want needless .y'ys.
> 4) I wanted it to end with "-a" on its own so as to represent a
> relationship with .a ('AND/OR'); this connection is a lot like the one
> mentioned in item (2) for joi: this word means something rather like
> of these connectives in a certain sense.
> 5) I did not want to use up prime cmavo real-estate/space, so I through
> an additional diphthongal syllable for good measure; in due time, this
> may be useful enough to warrant its relocation to a shorter word- but I
> not want to take that initiative unilaterally without a test-drive first.

> Additionally, the length of the word forces a person to consider whether
> not they really mean it; unfortunately, it can also discourage its use
> it should actually be used.

*threw in

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