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Discussion of "la'e'au"
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Comment #4: Re: Unclear definition
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jul 4 01:02:31 2015)

durka42 wrote:
> durka42 wrote:
> > Sorry but I don't understand what this word is for at all. If broda
> > defined to mean, say, "x1 is the mathbb font used for writing x2", then

> > that's what lo broda means. How does la'e'au lo broda differ?
> Now that I posted this comment I see your explanation in another comment
> above... please include some of that explanation in the definition, if
> are serious about this word, because I was totally confused by the
> definition as is. I *think* you are trying to say that this is a LAhE
> means "the Lojban grammar system referred to by this sumti". Is that

At least subsystem, but yes. I suppose that it need not even be a grammar
system. For example, if the CLL happened to define "bergu" as being a
composition of a very specific set and arrangement of molecules, then
"loi bergu" could refer to anything that the speaker desired, but
"la'e'au loi bergu" would have no more semantic ambiguity than what
the grammar allows (the ambiguity would exist only within the descriptions
of "loi" and "bergu" presented officially by the CLL). I envision a new
chapter in the official book of Lojban grammar that takes special
names/tokens and describes exactly what they mean (to any desired level of
precision). It might be helpful to really specify what "tarmi" or what
certain Lojban jargon means, for example. Well, if it is included in that
chapter of the official grammar, then usage of the special name/tag/token
with this word attached to it(s beginning) will definitely refer to only
the thing described and defined in that grammar. Any other usages are free
to be interpreted as one wills, but this word indicates a very specific
restriction in the scope/extent/realm/set of semantic referents. When
coupled with other words which indicate the syntax of a sentence (such as
order of operation specifiers in mekso, or grammar specifiers (is this
utterance in xorlo or it is a different system?) in normal conversation),
the rules that would be associated with the special name/tag/token
mentioned would be utterly clear- there would be (nearly) no room for
interpretation or question.

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