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Discussion of "la'e'au"
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Comment #1: Meaning
Curtis W Franks (Fri Jul 3 20:05:02 2015)

The intent is to update and expand the grammar eventually so that certain
words can act as special tags when they appear in Lojban conversation. For
example, the grammar might specify a rule, which might be rather extensive
and intricate, for governing the order of operations in mekso expressions
and give this table of priorities/rules a single heading/name, such as
"PEMDAS". Certain (metalinguistic) means may be employed in order to switch
the rules of interpretation of Lojban utterances; when these means are
utilized, a value/argument of some kind, possibly (probably?) some sort of
named thing, will be supplied, such as something named "PEMDAS". However,
the name supplied could refer to anything that the speaker and the audience
agree to make acceptable for such reference. Thus, "PEMDAS" as spoken may
refer to some set of rules other than the one labelled "PEMDAS" by the
grammar; these rules may not even be well-defined or self-consistent; they
may or may not refer to the interpretation of mekso expressions. Usually
(probably), the speaker does intend to reference the rules so named by the
grammar, but this is not necessarily the case (especially with
abbreviations and shorter names). In order to remove the ambiguity of
reference, the rule name uttered may be preceded by this word, which will
force it to refer to the rule so named in a given grammar. With this word,
there can be only one legal interpretation of the rule name- videlicet, the
rules specified under that label in the grammar. If no such rule exists in
the grammar, then all bets are off; if it does exist, though, then it must
be the referent.

Specifying xorlo Lojban (or other styles) can be done in this way too.

(Note that the grammar can specify a variety of such rules, applying to
various contexts, which may be mutually contradictory; the grammar itself
will tend to remain neutral with regard to them and the default for
conversation will either be likewise neutral or some cultural default. A
conversation will follow the last specification for rules of
interpretation, or the default, until a new rule for interpretation is

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