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Discussion of "ju'acu'i"

Comment #1: Was I about to submit a synonym?
Curtis W Franks (Fri Jun 26 05:24:09 2015)

I was about to create a word with what I think is the same semantics (and
it did have the same grammar). I described it as "so-called, air-quotes,
alleged, supposed".

I gave it these notes:
"Marks a text/utterance/name as being not perhaps exactly perfect/ideal but
instead as acting essentially as a placeholder term. A lot of the time in
English, we quote text not so as to turn it into a quotation from another
source or into a string, but simply to mark it as a name/description of
somewhat dubious appropriateness. This word does imply either some
skepticism or hesitancy to use the term on the part of the speaker or the
choice of the speaker to use a term used by others (for the sake of
comprehension or reference) with some desire of removal of association
between the speaker and that usage."

To me, these ideas seem the same as yours. Do you agree?

Comment #2: Re: Was I about to submit a synonym?
Jonathan (Fri Jun 26 12:27:24 2015)

Yeah, I think that is how ju'acu'i is meant to be used.

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