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Discussion of "kosmu"
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Comment #6: Re: te kosmu
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jun 22 04:50:53 2015)

spheniscine wrote:
> Did you remove it, ctefaho? I put it there because there were some
> complaints about a purpose/telos existing without an attributor. Feel
> to ignore it/replace it with ma'i for your subdialect if you like, but
> really want to promote kosmu in standard Lojban as well.

I think that the attributor is good. I was actually thinking the same thing
but did not want to edit it. With the attribution terbri as kosmu3, the
3-terbri version subsumed the 2-terbri version, providing functionality
without back-compatibility issues or anything of the sort. If you do not
want it there, delete it (using "zi'o" and/or zmico). But I do think that
it should be part of the definition- I would even argue that it is
generically necessary, not just useful (although that too).

I do not think that "ma'i" can be used for that purpose. A different
modal for "according to/attributed by" would work, but that one is not it
(I opine). Of course, I might have to much of a physicist's mindset here.
Feel free to widen my perspective.

Just my two cents.

Comment #7: Re: te kosmu
Jonathan (Mon Jun 22 09:42:09 2015)

I only understood about half of that; but I am starting to have my doubts
about ma'i as well. Perhaps a BAI for fi'o jinvi might be useful.

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