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Discussion of "xy'y"

Comment #1: xy~'y
Jonathan (Mon Jul 20 04:03:25 2015)

I have an idea of reserving all *'y cmavo space for BY. It would be
really useful for making nonce letterals; my idea is that me'o/li'ei
character-strings can be used for any "free grammar" string to express
things as diverse as dates, SMILES chemical-notation, or the Sideswap
juggling notation, as long as you have the right brivla for them.

There is another solution; bu, which could work except for one downside;
bu doesn't work with certain "magic words", like zo and fa'o

Unfortunately xy'y puts a rock in that plan (heh I only have myself to
blame for it); though I don't know any better cmavo form for this purpose.
*Maybe* xa'e ("xa~~~'e"), but...

Comment #2: Re: xy~'y
Jonathan (Mon Jul 20 04:10:06 2015)

We could also just make a list of "magic cmavo" and say "don't use these
with bu", but there is one problem. Currently "undefined cmavo+bu" is
accepted by parsers, but it's possible that we might want to define new
"magic cmavo", like ze'oi.

Comment #3: Re: xy~'y
Jonathan (Mon Jul 20 04:19:37 2015)

The other alternative is just go all the way and use lo'u...le'u, for
anything more complicated than the lerfu tcita detri system.

Currently, jbovlaste will accept data for 69 languages.
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