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Discussion of "kemnilzilcmikezrai"
[parent] [root]
Comment #4: Re: why does this word start with kem
evie (Wed Apr 17 12:57:22 2024)

krtisfranks wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > merrybot wrote:
> > > there's nothing before it
> >
> > Honestly, I have no idea. I may have had a reason. It probably was a
> > vestige of some other thing that I was tossing around before settling
> > this word, but I forgot to delete it. Maybe it is a typo for some
> > rafsi which I meant (I have no idea which). I discern no reason for it
> > right now.
> >
> > Let us use "nilzilcmikezrai" instead! Or perhaps an even better
> > now that we have some other options.
> > (Even if we go with something like this one, maybe using "-sel-"
> > of "-zil-", thereby yielding "nilselcmikezrai", would be better?)
> "kazmyrai" is staring me in the face and is my preference among all of
> these options. Obviously, it has an experimental veljvo, but... it would
> be hard to improve on, if we just accept that gismu.

afaik jvs has no system for making gismu 'official'

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