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Discussion of "ekspekte"
[parent] [root]
Comment #1: krinu fa lo nu se setca
gleki (Sun Jan 25 17:45:39 2015)

It might be too early to propose erasing jinvi3, djuno3 places from the
language since when a gismu has "subject" place (place 1) here it also
gets a "topic" place (place 3) as well. If we allow ka in jinvi2 then
this allows for

ko'a te jinvi lo ka stati = He is known to be smart.

This can't happen to such brivla as cumki since cumki doesnt have a
"subject" place. The following is incorrect in English:
*He is possible to be smart.

Since kanpe doesn't follow djuno/jinvi/jimpe pattern I propose an
ad hoc brivla ekspekte. "on grounds" place isn't proved to be useful yet
(unlike djuno3/jimp3/jinvi3 which have strong hints of usefulness) so I
haven't included place 4.

Currently, jbovlaste will accept data for 70 languages.
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