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Discussion of "zei'ei"
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Comment #2: Re: Do you actually need this particular word?
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jan 26 01:13:36 2015)

selckiku wrote:
> This explanation seems vaguely interesting but it certainly isn't
> sufficient for anyone to put this word into practical use, is it? Has
> word yet been used? Could you provide an example?
> I thought of using this sound for the simpler meaning of concatenating
> shorter lujvo in order to more easily pronounce clajvo, an actual
> I've actually encountered in my actual daily use of Lojban. Is there any
> good reason I shouldn't take this sound? Do you actually need this
> particular sound for this? Could you please ask experienced Lojbanists
> the future before claiming a sound whether we think it's appropriate for
> the use you're proposing it for, before making the proposal as formally
> entering it into a dictionary?

Another comment thread discusses its usefulness in a little detail.

You can downvote this definition or (I think: xor) upvote an alternative
definition. This dictionary is not a final product yet. I created a word
that I thought would be useful. Discussion is on-going, which is perfectly
fine; conflict, in fact is useful for such ironings out.

You are perfectly free to propose an alternative, although, if you think
that your idea is a practicably utile and beneficial one (an opinion that
I probably share at the moment), why not go for further refined simplicity
and use zei'e or something of the like? Or, if you want the form zei'VV,
there are several other options still open. I will not fight against you
if you provide an alternative definition for this word, I do not
particularly mind losing this spot (although I will probably end up
proposing that another is used for the purpose that I originally proposed
for this word since I do think that it is plausibly useful), but I do
think that you might have better (and higher-importance) possibilities
available to you. :)

Comment #3: Re: Do you actually need this particular word?
Brett Williams (Mon Jan 26 02:36:04 2015)

It's just that "zei'ei" is what occurred to me, as someone very familiar
with this language. So I wondered why you chose that sound for this
purpose. Does the sound matter to you? Does the sound of Lojban matter to
you in general? It seems that you've just been going around claiming cmavo
all day long without much regard for which sounds in particular you're
squatting and how other people might feel about that.

Of course I can try to fight you for this particular word, but I don't
have the energy for a fight every time I want to make a word. Before you
came along and started abusing this communal resource we had a tradition
of discussing cmavo amicably before adding them, and cmavo inventors would
often agree to amend their ideas to accord with the will of the community.
You're forcing us into this more stressful, less friendly way of deciding
before it really ought to be necessary.

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