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Discussion of "zei'ei"
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Comment #8: Re: what about
maik (Mon Jan 19 17:21:01 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> maik wrote:
> > Rewrite: How do these proposed cmavo work differently than simply
> placing
> > zei next to an ordinary "lu...li'u" quote?
> Good question. According to camxes, «lu broda brode li'u zei brodi li'u
> brodo» is grammatical and is interpreted as "(lu broda brode (li'u zei
> brodi) li'u) brodo", where paranthesis represent grouping. Thus, «li'u
> zei» does not end a quote and convert it to a lujvo (wherein the quote
> one or more rafsi (in a string) and the immediately following word is
> a rafsi/brivla), it converts «li'u» alone into a rafsi that is added
> the immediately following word and then that resultant lujvo and all
> following text is part of the quotation until the next unpaired
> of «li'u».
Fair enough, I didn't realize that. It might be worth reconsidering the
camxes implementation. Maybe there's some good reason otherwise, but it
seems to me that when li'u comes first, then li'u should take
precedence. If someone (really) needs to join the word li'u into a lujvo
then "lo'u li'u le'u zei broda" is available. I would also go so far as
to consider "broda zei (lu ... li'u)" as more useful than the alternative

Maybe the camxes experts can chime in.

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