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Discussion of "vonma'o"
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Comment #2: Re: vo ki'a
Curtis W Franks (Sat Mar 19 16:59:32 2016)

phma wrote:
> What does 4 have to do with this? Why is there no cibma'o?

Good question. The answer presently is: I do not quite remember. I think
that there were two primary factors involved. First, it was not
independently my idea. I am pretty sure that I saw related things somewhere
or was inspired by something. In fact, it may not even be entirely my own
word; it does not much match my typical style. This is a vague impression,
but I do believe that it was not solely me. Second, if I had to rationalize
it now (which I may have done similarly in the first place), I would say
that Lojban (and most practical physics) has four Cartesian directions
supported: rightward-leftward, forward-backward, upward-downward, and
(somewhat differently) futureward-pastward.

I am not sure that I much like this word, on re?ssessment. I would prefer
"caljveteima'o" or maybe simply "vi'e zei cmavo" (although I am not
convinced that I support the latter).

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