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Discussion of "ji'o'e"
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Comment #1: ma selmaho
gleki (Fri Jun 26 17:10:35 2015)
Comment #2: Re: ma selmaho
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jun 27 04:13:14 2015)

gleki wrote:

mi na birti djuno .i ma'oi je ku ja ma'oi joi vau xu

Comment #5: Re: ma selmaho
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jun 27 07:06:48 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> >
> mi na birti djuno .i ma'oi je ku ja ma'oi joi vau xu

(The issue is that the definition that I originally and currently have
provided allows for both logical and non-logical connectives to be
referenced by this word. But they belong to different selma'o. It seems
better to me to allow for the word to reference any member of the
super-selma'o CONNECTIVE than for it to be restricted to one selma'o. But
this might be bad for the grammar or otherwise undesirable. If it is deemed
so, I propose that this word be assigned to selma'o JE, referencing only
logical connectives, and that a new word joi'o'e be created in selma'o
JOI such that it references only non-logical connectives. On the other
hand, if ji can be answered with joi, perhaps we only need the former.

(Side note: I have two cases where I want to establish super-selma'o. The
first is this case of connectives. The second is the case of letterals and
PA digits, which should be able to act in concert so as to form strings
together, but which have somewhat different grammars.)

Another issue is that this word does not distinguish between contexts in a
sentence. According to the current CLL, I should maybe have invented
dofferer words for .e, je, etc. However, many Lojbanists presently
agree that the system is too complicated and inelegant, having proposed
several versions of essentially the same solution, which simplifies all of
these into one set of words. In this newer case, this word works fine. Even
in the old CLL case, it could be argued that this word works fine (if it
references any allowed member of super-selma'o CONNECTIVE) because the
grammatical context of its usage (including nearby terminators) dictate
from which selma'o permitted referents can be drawn.)

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