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Discussion of "su'ei"
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Comment #8: Re: interaction with JA/A
gleki (Wed Dec 24 20:13:24 2014)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > What about with nonlogical connectives? Reciprocity might be useful or
> at
> > least interesting in masses, jointness, and "respectively" phrases and
> > /might might/ be so for sequences and some operations on sets.
> "mi do su'ei prami" expands into "mi do prami ije do mi prami" which
> breaks "Don't copy yourself" programmer's rule but isn't that
> mind-breaking as su'ei or "se xi vei pa e re".
> It's better to start from these expansions and at some more readable
> like mriste rather than this forum.
> Or you can have my another shorter answer for this:
> mi na pu pensi tu'a lo nalylogji terjonma'o vau u'iru'e

we should distinguish between symmetrical connectives like je, joi, ce,
jo'u, ju'e, bi'i, ku'a, pi'u, jo'e
and assymetric like
ja, jo, ju, bi'o, mi'i, ce'o, fa'u.

mi su'eifa'u do citka lo plise (su'ei) fa'u lo perli = Each of us eats
both an apple and a pear.
su'eimi'i can be for people living in 3d space inside a 4d hypercube thus
every point for them is the centre and the surroundings.
bi'o and ce'o can probably be used for describing oscilations.

as for ce'oi i dont know what it means.

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