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Discussion of "tersu'imei"
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Comment #4: Re: n-somes versus cardinalities
Curtis W Franks (Fri Feb 5 03:57:44 2016)

Ilmen wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > I suggest that you use the term "terbrimei" or something of the like
> the expression of the idea of arity.
> Well I like "terbrimei", so I'll probably make it a synonym of
> "tersu'imei", so that people can choose the one they prefer.
> I'm unclear on what a tersu'i is actually; according to some it's just
> number (the number of the argument place). That's the kind of situation
> where having official usage examples along with the official gismu
> definition would have been very helpful.
> When I created the word tersu'imei, I was needing a Lojban word for
> meaning and had a hard time finding an appropriate letter string, so I've

> ended up with tersu'imei.
> As for mei, the x1 is now considered to be a plural, and not a
> (see the BPFK section for cmavo), so you can say "lo gerku cu ci mei"
> dogs are threesome").
> mi'e la .ilmen. mu'o

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. But the point remains. In my interpretation,
it does not reference a cardinality but some sort of collection of some
number of elements.

I do agree that we needed a word for the idea. I had been sort of thinking
on it for a while but never came up with a decent solution.

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