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Discussion of "jie'e'e"
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Comment #6: Re: morphology
Curtis W Franks (Sun Oct 26 07:08:18 2014)

gleki wrote:
> durka42 wrote:
> > gusnikantu wrote:
> > > durka42 wrote:
> > > > durka42 wrote:
> > > > > Er... how do you intend to pronounce this? There seems to be a
> > in
> > > > > jbovlaste -- jbofi'e and camxes don't accept this as a word.
> > > >
> > > > Sorry, I was wrong -- they do accept it as a word if you ask for
> > "cmavo"
> > > > or "cmavo_form" directly.
> > >
> > > According to CLL3.4, this is not a cmavo form: "the ten following
> > > [diphtongs beginning with i or u] are used only as stand-alone words
> and
> > > in Lojbanized names and borrowings." Was the rule changed, and the
> > > should be corrected? Where is the change documented?
> > >
> > > I would not agree to such a new rule, because I guess most listeners
> > could
> > > not distinguish "jie'e'e" and "je'e'e".
> >
> >
> > jbovlaste now uses the camxes morphology. It apparently allows
> > consonant+glide clusters, though I can't find documentation of this
> > the BPFK morphology pages.
> I also wouldn't agree in unblocking C[iu]V space and making jie
> available. It must be a mistake somwhere in the code.

I personally do not mind it and believe that the
phonology/phonotactics/morphology of Lojban should be freed up in a few
ways (including this one). I also can distinguish easily between this word
and all other words except "j!ie'e'e", where "!" represents any nonempty
string consisting of only "i"'s. I have no problems with this word. I in
fact like it. That having been said, I will concede to the opinion of the
community. I am happy to have pointed out this issue, at the least. :)

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