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Discussion of "platipu"
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Comment #1: Conflict with
Curtis W Franks (Sun Dec 3 20:56:04 2023)

"Platypus" is a genus name for a beetle and arises in some other
scientific taxonomic names. Meanwhile, it is not used at all for
Ornithorhynchus, the famous Australian monotreme. Technically, even this
English definition is ambiguous, although I think that we all know that it
is referring to the said monotreme, given that that is by far the most
common English common-vernacular meaning. Nonetheless, this name choice
may conflict with certain automated translations of taxonomic terms in
Lojban, particularly if we apply them at the genus level (although it is
not clear to me that we should do so in most cases).

I am not saying that this is a bad word and I still like it, but we should
at least be aware of the issue. I will propose an alternative in the hope
that it alleviates this problem by at least offering unambiguous

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