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Discussion of "poi'a"
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Comment #2: Re: Expanded functionality
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jun 27 07:39:43 2015)

krtisfranks wrote:
> It might be useful for this word to actually attach to exactly the last
> mentioned term/word in a mekso phrase (including PA, VUhU, etc.; I guess
> that there could be issues of it attaching to another poi'a, but that
> may be desired by the speaker and is not really that big of a problem (it

> should not be forbidden)).

I have mentioned this possibility in the notes. I personally advocate such
expanded functionality at the present time, but I do not want to redefine
the word in case doing so breaks it somehow.

> Another important issue is grouping. Currently, the word attaches to
> exactly the most recent PA. With the aforementioned expansion, it would
> attach to the most recent word in a mekso expression. But what happens if

> the speaker wants to attach it to the most recent occurrence of a unit of

> mekso expression that is longer than one word? For example, what if one
> wants to attach it to the number twenty-three rather than simply the
> three (in decimal)? I propose another word which begins a bracket for
> units; then, poi'a would attach to everything mentioned between it and
> the last unmatched occurrence of this bracket-initializing word, treating

> the intervening mekso subexpression as a single whole and indivisible
> for the purposes of the clause and referent of ke'a.

See: xe'au and na'au.

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