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Discussion of "ju'au"
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Comment #2: Standard interpretation of the specifying sumti
Curtis W Franks (Sun Jun 21 23:43:01 2015)

I would like to have a way to force the interpretation of a given sumti
that follows this word into a predefined set of rules. For example,
"Tsohnai" if prefaced with this forcer should elicit only one thought about
what a number means; there could be other interpretations allowed if the
forcer is not included. Same for "prime base", "read from right to left",
etc. Maybe with the forcer, "read from right to left" makes "23" mean
thirty-two, but without it, the speaker could actually mean "from right to
left, going from singles place to larger powers of tens", thus making "23"
mean twenty-three (just read from right to left (low powers to high powers)
rather than the normal reverse of that). The forced versions should also
have clear specification about the limits of what they do. For example,
"read from right to left" when forced does not change the base from
decimal, doing so would require further specifiers. Basically, when the
speaker wants to use a standardized, limited/restricted, special, and named
rule that has clear definition within some compendium of such rules (id
est: a subset of the grammar), they should be able to activate/trigger that
mode very clearly. If they do not, they may mean it and/or the audience may
think that they mean it, but other options are possible.

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