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Discussion of "kapli"
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Comment #12: Re: It's only my sentiment
gleki (Wed Apr 12 06:05:30 2017)


1. Some courts approved apes of having a subset of human rights. Which
means they are almost-nation and thus they must be moved out of gicmu space
according of this proposed cultural neutrality policy. Other animals look
somewhat salient to me too. Therefore, I propose moving cats and dogs into
fu'ivla space.
2. How can this word be bad? Someone can google this word and be annoyed
even if such word is downvoted. Being pc imo is the only justification of
not creating such words. But such people can be annoyed even if they find
such words in fu'ivla/lujvo space. So just a warning in "jargon" field like
"non-universal Western culture" might be enough.
3. can't see whether being a gicmu or non-gicmu makes any difference. how
many people have complained of besto by far?

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