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Discussion of "majga"
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Comment #15: Re: Terbri issues
gleki (Sun Jun 27 14:29:36 2021)

krtisfranks wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > krtisfranks wrote:
> >
> > > I did not use grake3. But I read it as specifying the relevant
> > > standard/definition of the gram. Is it the "mass of 1 cm^3 of water"
> > > standard, the "(1/1000) of the mass of the International Prototype
> > > Kilogram" standard, the recent "defining hbar exactly with
> > > value" standard, or something else?
> > >
> > > One would have to specify whether rest mass or Relativistic mass is
> > meant,
> > > or specify the frame of reference.
> >
> > So grake is to be used for both rest and relativistic masses.
> >
> > Do you think tilju should be limited to those two masses too? Right
> now
> > it includes weight.
> >
> > The place structure of relativistic mass would be the same as for
> majga?
> I think that "grake" can be used for all masses and maybe also
> energies, or momenta in the right contexts. But definitely masses.
> Aside from a potential mention of/terbri frame of reference, I do not
> any need for different base words for rest and Relativistic masses.
> Idk about "tilju". I take it to really mean "heavy", as in "having a
> of mass/inertia". It is neither "weight" nor "mass" themselves. Much
> "clani" means "long" but not "displacement" (a d kinda not "length").

So can you please change the definition if you believe the new terbri is

I'm not sure what to do with E=mc^2 equivalence.

We are still lacking other properties of physical bodies, right? Ideally
there should be a page listing them all.

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