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Discussion of "kau'i"
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Comment #2: Re: what
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jun 30 08:00:16 2014)

durka42 wrote:
> If you're going to write such a cryptic definition and say "beware:
> is tricky", we're going to need some examples.

da has a scope that terminates with the end of a given sentence string
(whereïn each sentence is joined by ijeks). Thereäfter, further use of
the word may implicitly retain its previous meaning but such a case is not
officially guaranteed by the grammar under the CLL (
http://lojban.github.io/cll/16/14/ ). This word (kau'i) is the third in
a series which would officially guarantee the result of the aforementioned
informal usage. Its scope does not terminate until made to do so by the
termination of the discourse, da'o or the like, or maybe some words
which close its scope explicitly (do we have words for that already?).
While it is useful in the sense that one does not need to pay attention to
connecting sentences, it can be problematic when one forgets that it has
already been assigned a referent or when one has restricted its referent
set and no longer intends for that restriction to apply (by the way, an
override of such restrictions could be useful); I excluded external
quantification from the extended memory of the word because I feared that
it would become overly difficult to use or to understand if they
transferred to all later uses (the cost is that the quantification must be
made with poi-clauses or restated each time- overall, not a bad
trade-off). I call it elephant di because it has a long memory.

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