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Discussion of "cmenrline"
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Comment #3: Re: Type and extent
Curtis W Franks (Fri Jun 27 19:45:07 2014)

Wuzzy wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > Which type of Linnaean name is it? I am guessing that the more
> > applicable and utile "rank-based classification/taxonomic system" is
> what
> > you had in mind, but I suppose that it could be the names that Carl
> > personally gave or something else. And can it include cladistic
> > (technically, of should not, but...).
> >
> > Also, which part of an organism's classification is included? Just the
> > binomen or any of it, or the totality of it? (Do I have to go
> > every subtaxon for a dog?) When a set is sufficiently general/diverse,
> the
> > most specific taxon is clear, but how does one name a
> > taxonomy thereof and make it clear which type taxon that is (I suggest
> > another terbri)?
> Ugh. Well, someone edited the definition and I *think* this edit answers
> those questions.

In a sense, it does. But if one were to name the wrong standard and if
this word were narrow in some sense which included "the type" of that
standard, then one would be absuing the word, although they might be
understandable semantically. Lojban defaults to semantic vagueness, so
that is what I would propose in this case, in order to clear up any
questions about abuse. :)

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