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Discussion of "landa"
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Comment #5: Re: Suggestions for a terbri for the standard, and for a note which could be included
Curtis W Franks (Fri Sep 16 07:17:20 2016)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > I suggest adding another terbri at the end of all of these suggestions
> > which describes/specifies which ISO standard is actually being used.
> Makes sense, e.g. JUDRI semantic frame/megaframe is like that:
> x1 is the address/name of object x2 in standard/system x3


> > It
> > could be just "la ci pa xa xa", or it could be "la ci
> > xa xa pi'e pa", or "la ci pa xa xa pi'e pa pi'e

> > .alfas, pi'e re" (this name is a non-precedential mock-up). Heck,
> > could even be a standard other than from ISO, although I know of none.
> Colloquial names? :)

Uh... I suppose. I personally would not do that and would object in a
non-official role (such as a normal conversant, rather than on a
prescriptive publication in an official capacity), per the proposed note.
(Unless you were suggesting an improvement to the terminology of said note,
in which case: Lol, yeah! That is what I was looking for!)

By the way:
> it is a code which is bijectively assigned
This is actually not true. For example, there are reserved codes; "UK" is
not the official code of the UK, but it is reserved by them, while "GB" is
the official code assigned to them. Some reserved codes have been
unreserved and assigned to another entity or reserved by other entities
(although, I think, still on the behalf of the original reserving entity
thus far).

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