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Discussion of "landa"
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Comment #2: Re: landa1
Curtis W Franks (Fri Sep 16 06:59:50 2016)

gleki wrote:
> it's possible that the curren def. is broken.
> .i mi zvati me'o ubu ky noi landa lo pendo be mi
> this requires 'me'o ubu ky' (or li) to be understood both as zvati2
> (place) and as landa1 (text or number).
> moving to landa2 might be one option.
> ISO fuhivla is another option.

Yeah, I have kind of noticed that oddity but did not know how to phrase it.
You did nicely. I think that I would prefer to just move it to landa2. If
other ISO gismu have this problem, they should follow suit.

So, it will be "x1 is the country with ISO name x2 of people x3"? That
seems fine to me. Maybe a little redundant with gugde, and maybe also
with the people terbri (there x3, presently landa2) because ISO countries
are defined geopolitical organizations with well-defined and automatically
associated populations and territories etc., but it definitely works and
provides the functionality and shade of separate meaning that we desire.

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