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Discussion of "corci"
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Comment #10: Re: when several members in x3?
Curtis W Franks (Tue Mar 22 02:52:19 2016)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > gleki wrote:
> > > how would you specify motion of two fingers using x3 and x4? maybe
> delete
> >
> > > x3 instead?
> How would you specify what each finger is doing in x4? Using ri and "ri

> xi re"?
Well, I typically would describe the motion 'as a whole', such as: as a
group action (much like masses can have seemingly contradictory
properties), distributively (each x3 performs the action described by x4 on
its own (possibly in a sequence with the others)), or I would describe the
action as being 'atomic' in some sense (the body parts x3 are involved, but
it is not really that any one of them is performing an individual role in
the action x4; rather, it is the emergent sense that they together create
something more that is doing x4 - an example would be that the face or its
parts (x3) smile (x4): the entire system organizes in a consorted manner
that produces a smile and no individual part really does so (a smile
requires the eyes as much as the mouth)). Or, I would use "fa'u". Or,
your option might work. Or, I would just mention the action of each body
part in the abstraction(s) (if they are used) in x4; like I said, it is a
bit redundant and this can (I think: must) happen.

> Anyway, it seems to me x4 is just ta'i

At least approximately, it seems so.

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