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Discussion of "zai'o"
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Comment #3: Re: Typing
Curtis W Franks (Sat Jun 14 16:53:39 2014)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > trimmed...
> I'm not a progger. Is zai'o for number/boolean = null, zai'o for
> = ""?
Yes, I do think so.
And even for language, it could possibly be the empty language (although
that assumes a few things about the languages being considered and
requires that language is being thought of as a type).

> Looks like the concept of sumti types has been mostly diassembled by
> xorxes in Simple gimste revision ("text" and "sound" might be a subtype
> "object/event" althought I'm retaining them for pragmatics purposes).
I am not sure what you mean. But I do think that some terbri specify (at
least some of the acceptable) types in their official definitions. If
typing is not really a thing in Lojban, or is done only by individual
interpretation, then pretty much all of the mentions and discussion about
type can be ignored and this word can be of as general of a type as
desired/reasonable. I reƤlize that the whole topic of types is a big one;
a more in-depth conversation should be conducted elsewhere; I was just
trying to address the issue in case it came up.
(If types are ignored, either we have to come up with a whole bunch of
cmavo for each empty/null object (of each type) or we have to allow for
type specification/restriction by possibly wordy and inconvenient means in
basically every situation)

> However, what cannot be shut down are tersumti interactions (cpedu2
> clearly contains a hard link to cpedu3) and plurality.
How do you think that these interactions can affect the reference of this

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