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Discussion of "venzula"
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Comment #7: Re: Better substitution
Curtis W Franks (Sun Mar 16 08:31:18 2014)

nestor wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > don't you think ISO-fu'ivla are better?
> Still in doubt, at least not for an informal conversation, maybe for
> technical documents, but IMHO the country brivla should resemble a
> name like the one we use to refer to […]

I think that we should treat Lojban whensoever possible as if it were
meant to become a native and only language of some large population of
speakers, as best as we can. That means that lujvo should be preferred to
zi'evla (and, in particular, fu'ivla) whensoever doing so is reasonable.
But, also, when we make zi'evla, we should do so algorithmically,
culturally-neutrally, and with as little reference to outside knowledge as
possible while being sensible, logical, and predictable about the word and
doing so. Thus, native only-lojban speakers will not presumably know the
names of countries to which we do not expose them (by having those words
in the vocabulary of Lojban); if we teach them that VE means Venezuela and
is the only word for it, then thar will be natural to them - and in fact
the systematicness of the scheme would be beneficial to them; therefore,
we should make it so. Note also that going with "VE" is just as meaningful
to someone who has never before heard it as going with "Venezuela" would

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