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Discussion of "zo'e"
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Comment #1: Dislike over the "makes statement true" description
Curtis W Franks (Mon Jun 30 08:22:22 2014)

I do not think that the CLL ever says that usage of zo'e guarantees
truth for the statement. And other definition lists do not mention such a
property either. In fact, it is severally inconvenient if we do understand
this word to function in this manner). First, if we assume that zo'e is
meant to be semantically substantial (rather than trivial), there are
occassions when we run into problems. There are times when there does not
exist anything that would make a statement true (such as "x plus a cat is
1" for any x is not true because "cat" essentially introduces a type error
and no value of x can fix it). But, fine, maybe zo'e can have the empty
set for its set of referents. The second issue is far greater: if we
maintain the semantic equivalence (under the CLL) of a blank terbri
(implicit zo'e) and an explicit filling thereof with (explicit) zo'e,
then almost all (in the mathematical sense of the phrase) statements will
be true. Anytime a bridi omits a sumti, it would be true under this
definition and the CLL. (lai .az pointed this latter problem out to me)

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