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Discussion of "zi'o"
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Comment #2: Re: Semantic facet or alternative keyword
gleki (Fri Apr 1 18:00:52 2016)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I will contact the BPFK about this proposal unless someone else does it
> first (post here if you do or if you see such a proposal, made recently,
> and no-one else has yet indicated that it exists here).
> I think that "nonexistent it" is possibly a bad definition/gloss/keyword
> for this meaning. At the least, it should be narrowed or the word should
> endowed with another gloss/keyword to the effect of "terbri-deletory it".

> For the record: I think that all of these definitions, glosses, and
> descriptions which have the word "it" in them in this manner should have
> that word replaced by ""it"" (so that it is explicitly shown to be a
> There may be technical complications and disadvantages that accompany the

> adoption of such a policy, but I think that the description is just
> straight-up wrong without the quoting.

You may just write a list of alternative definitions. The official ones
were technical ones. But nevertheless they are in a more or less the same
style. So you may translate sets of cmavo definitions into your "dialect"
of English so that BPFK can adopt this set of new definitions as the
reference ones.

Currently, jbovlaste will accept data for 70 languages.
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