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Discussion of "te'a"

Comment #1: More explicit restriction on usage
Curtis W Franks (Fri Jul 3 20:39:42 2015)

This word should only be able to be applied to numbers that can be
repeatedly multiplied by themselves. What "number" means is determined by
context or the structure involved; likewise for "multiply". (Examples
include: multiplication of scalars in a group, ring, or field;
cross-product multiplication of three-dimensional vectors over an adequate
field; matrix-multiplication of matrices over an adequate field).

In particular, it should generally be distinguished from repeated Cartesian
products of sets (see: pi'u, se'au, te'au) or iterated
application/composition of functions (see: fa'ai, fau'e, se'au). (In
some contexts, these things might constitute "exponentiation within the
structure", in which case this word is more acceptable; thus, again, its
acceptability is extremely context-dependent and should always be

See also: te'ai.

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