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Discussion of "nai"
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Comment #2: Re: Rafsi
Curtis W Franks (Sun Sep 9 03:17:50 2018)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I think that this word should have a rafsi. At the very least, it would
> make connectives-as-rafsi easier/possible ("xor" is difficult to say as a

> rafsi). The only obvious solutions, in my opinion are: "-nas-", "-nap-",
> "-niz-", "-nif-", "-nij-", and "-nai-" (which would require unassignment
> from natmi). Some of these (such as "-nif-" for nicfa) are already
> proposed for assignment elsewhere.

Because it might be followed by "bo", I would like to give it a rafsi
which ends in a vowel, in "r" or "l" or "n" or "m", or in a voiced
consonant which is not "b"; I would possibly avoid ending with "j" because
of the probably presence of connectives (at least for aesthetic reasons),
although "j" and glide-"i" are phonetically closely related, so it actually
might be a decent option. All reasonable realizations of the first two
options are booked already. As such, I most prefer and most strongly
propose "-niz-".

My second preference is "-nij-" due to the aforementioned reasons, but it
has the aforementioned disadvantages as well.

I also kinda want to possibly give it "-nax-" (reassigned from "naxle",
which deserves only "-xle-" (which is highly coveted anyway, being of form

Finally, if we ever unassign "-nai-" from "natmi", this word definitely
deserves it.

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