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Discussion of "xigzo"
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Comment #5: Re: ko sisti
Curtis W Franks (Wed Jan 15 05:28:46 2014)

> Maybe for Higgs-Boson: kantrxigzo

That is an option for the boson of course, but what about the mechanism,
the field, etc.? How do you express pure, straight Higgsness without
gaining a family of fu'ivla? Besides, if we have kantrxigzo and no
xigzo, why not just shorten it to xigzo anyway (along the lines of
going up the types of fu'ivla, but resulting in a gismu rather than
remaining a fu'ivla)? It is justifiable to have gismu space be occupied
partially by fundamental constituents of reality if we can have various
words for type of alcohol. Gismu can be used in compounds in ways that
other brivla cannot.

Some other physical fundamentals (and not-so-fundamentals) have gismu.

The only points of contention that I can see are a lack of other gismu for
the fundamental interactions (about which I have thought, trust me) and
the place structure of these brivla (especially trying to obtain
consistency among them). So, what place structure would you propose?

The form is attested for on the Lojban Wikipedia, by the way. I was
merely recording here its usage there.

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