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Discussion of "xigzo"
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Comment #12: Re: ko sisti
Curtis W Franks (Sun Jul 6 03:37:40 2014)

krtisfranks wrote:
> I have (without editing this definition) been treating the Higgs
> as I have been treating gravitation (grava) and other fundamental
> interactions (since the mediator is a elementary boson to the best of
> knowledge; not that while its spin is 0*hbar and spin of the other


> discovered bosons that mediate fundamental interactions are 1*hbar, the
> spin of the graviton is expected to be 2*hbar). The Higgs boson is not
I was saying that the difference is bosonic nature betwixt the Highs and
the photon, the W_(±) and Z_0 bosons, and gluons is not conceptually
great enough to justify treating them differently since the graviton is
treated as the latter four are and is somewhat similarly different

> only thing that is xigzo. Thus, I think that this word is justified and
> its gismu nature is too (if we consider the other interactions deserving
> of gismu too (and I do opine so)). I also do not think that this word in
> anyway gets in the way of the rest of the nomenclature.
[Except for the fact that we can be briefer and more "obvious" with the
meaning of lujvo (rather than zi'evla). For example, xigyka'u would be
"Higgs boson" (like tsabyka'u would be "gluon").]

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