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Discussion of "asna"
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Comment #1: asna vs. morna
gleki (Tue Oct 8 07:49:03 2013)

once we discussed the lack of "body position" in Lojban. it was suggested
that se morna can be used instead. I have nothing against asna but
what are others' opinions?

Comment #2: Re: asna vs. morna
Wuzzy (Tue Oct 8 16:57:15 2013)

I think that four-letter fu'ivla should be invented very carefully, since
there are short and only a few four-letter fu'ivla are possible. I think
four-letter fu'ivla should be invented if it has been shown that the
concept would be used in very often. A four-letter fu'ivla may also be
considered a good idea if it would be useful for creating lujvo using
zei. If none of those is the case, I think it is better to not introduce
a four-letter fu'ivla.

I am not sure wheather the concept behind “asna” is important enough
to justify a four-letter fu'ivla.

When in doubt, before introducting a four-letter fu'ivla, invent its
stage-3 fu'ivla equivalent first and see how often it becomes used. As
long it doesn’t is used often, it’s okay. You did not waste a precious
four-letter fu'ivla. But when it is used often, the invention of its
four-letter fu'ivla equivalent is justified.

Just my two cents.

Comment #3: Re: asna vs. morna
Wuzzy (Tue Oct 8 17:06:25 2013)

I just saw the other words using the concept of asna. Therefore I think
this four-letter fu'ivla is already justified. :-)

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