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Discussion of "citsi"
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Comment #2: Re: Location
gleki (Fri Oct 13 05:57:48 2017)

krtisfranks wrote:
> This word and all of its derivatives should have a sumti slot for the
> location at which the season takes place/is experienced, just like other
> calendrical time words - such as "nicte", "donri", and even "crisa"

> (a type of season). Summer in the northern hemisphere is not at the same
> time as Summer in the southern hemisphere. Likewise, a wet season is only

> experienced in certain locations, and those vary from one another on a
> solar calendar.

Indeed, currently citsi is
1. either a global (=planetary) season
2. or citsi2 can specify the location (but then citsi3 is unnecessary).

Option 1. seems to be just cedra limited to a given year and being
cyclical. E.g. period close to perihelion/aphelion can be characterized
using citsi.
A verb cirlrcitsi `x1 is a season at location x2 of year x3 with
property/event/characterized by x4 (su'u)` could be used while
vensa...dunra set would be degenerate versions of this semantic frame.
Or move cirlrcitsi4 into cedra2.

la xorxes walked the other way and used tu'i to describe vensa3, this is
reasonable but doesn't explain the existence of vensa2 (why not de'i

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