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Discussion of "vipsi"
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Comment #3: Re: Organization terbri
Curtis W Franks (Tue Dec 6 17:36:11 2016)

gleki wrote:
> krtisfranks wrote:
> > We maybe should add a terbri for specifically which organization/system

> to
> > which the deputy belongs. The second terbri describes their role in
> > structure or the generic form of the structure, and the third describes

> the
> > person who fills the role above them, but that structure itself is
> > actually given the opportunity to be specified. Moreover, there is an
> > asymmetry between this word and my new proposal of premi, which (I
> think)
> > really needs this proposed terbri.
> What is more basti has "circumstances" terbricmi which may be parallel
> your "organization" one but ... basti lacks vipsi2 counterpart (replace

> in which aspect?)

I agree. Replacements are not universal. If someone dies then they can be
replaced at their job and, separately, in their marriage; normally, one
replacing person cannot fill both roles.

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