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Discussion of "temci"
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Comment #2: Re: temci2 and temci3 order; also introduce temci4?
gleki (Sat Feb 3 07:58:29 2018)

krtisfranks wrote:
> Should it be the case that temci2 and temci3 are ordered such that temci3

> is after temci2 (in some frame of reference), thereby making temci1 an
> ordered or directed line segment/interval? For typical purposes, this
> add some utility to the word, but there could be situations in which it
> would be troublesome. (These need not even be exotic: If one does not
> the order of events A and B in time, then one's ordered application of
> selbri to them will reveal a potentially undesirable bias).
> ___
> Regardless of the first answer, I believe that we should specify a fourth

> sumti slot which indicates the geometry or frame of reference for the
> interval separating the events (see "danci"). For example, some events
> are simultaneous in one frame (their time interval, if inclusive on
> end, would form a singleton set) but are time-separated in another (the
> interval would have positive measure). Moreover, if there were to be
> additional dimensions of time, the path taken between distinct points in
> time would become important.

you specify the frame with a new brivla and inside its abstraction place
specify `ka ce'u ce'u ce'u temci`

As for "interval" I think niltei which is a part of temci's def. is
just fine.

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