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Discussion of "slanu"
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Comment #4: Re: Properties terbri
gleki (Thu Oct 20 06:43:53 2016)

krtisfranks wrote:
> gleki wrote:
> > krtisfranks wrote:
> > > It is possible that this word and other geometric words should have a

> > > (third, in this case) terbri for "having
> > geometric/topological/mathematical
> > > properties x_i". It can be useful to specify such things, even in
> > > world (so-called 'typical') contexts. These can range from
> > of
> > > various dimensions to describing shapes and features, to more exotic
> > > traits.
> >
> > any example of how slanu3 would be filled with real words?
> "lo ka ce'u mitre li xo'ei lo ?radius?".
> "lo ka ce'u se paxra lo (shape)".
> For a cylinder, it could also he described as being right or oblique,
> although I am not sure how to encode those meanings in Lojban right now.

That introduces a lot fo new concepts and words like xo'ei and paxra.
their terbricmi types (text, entity, property; set) is most of the time a
mistery to me.

So I once again suggest take some topic, e.g. 3d topology and describe most
common shapes with all their defining properties (platonic solids, cube,
cuboid, sphere, torus, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, triangular
pyramid, square pyramid). That would require writing a paper of course. But
then the dictionary will just reflect that paper (and might even have
references to it)

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