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To improve the quality of results, jbovlaste search does not return words with insufficient votes. To qualify to be returned in search results, a proposed lujvo is required to have received a vote in favor in both directions: for instance, in English to Lojban and in Lojban to English.

In addition, due to it being a very technically hard problem, full text searching (that is, searching of definitions rather than just keywords) is not available at this time.

5 definitions found
From Lojban to Russian :
        Word: voi [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo
  Gloss Word: описательное придаточное предложение
     selma'o: NOI
  Definition: ограничивающее придаточное предложение (нет достоверности),
       используемое для образования сложных le-подобных описаний с
       использованием "ke'a"

From Lojban to Spanish :
        Word: voi [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo
  Gloss Word: cláusula descriptiva
     selma'o: NOI
  Definition: cláusula restrictiva no verídica usada para formar
       descripciones tipo "le" usando "ke'a"

From Lojban to Japanese :
        Word: voi [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo
     selma'o: NOI
  Definition: 叙述 bridi : 関係詞(非制限); 左の sumti を主観的に叙述する bridi を結びつける; この bridi
       が真に sumti に当てはまるとは限らない
       Notes: ・読み方: ヴォイ

From Pure-Lojban Dictionary :
        Word: voi [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo
  Gloss Word: voi
     selma'o: NOI
  Definition: te jorne lo sumti lo ra'abri be ri .i tcita le se li'erla'i
       bridi le du'u ri velski la'e le li'erla'i su'ivla
       Notes: velski bridi; poi; noi

From Lojban to English :
        Word: voi [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo
  Gloss Word: descriptive clause
     selma'o: NOI
  Definition: non-veridical restrictive clause used to form complicated
       le-like descriptions using "ke'a".

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