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To improve the quality of results, jbovlaste search does not return words with insufficient votes. To qualify to be returned in search results, a proposed lujvo is required to have received a vote in favor in both directions: for instance, in English to Lojban and in Lojban to English.

In addition, due to it being a very technically hard problem, full text searching (that is, searching of definitions rather than just keywords) is not available at this time.

1 definition found
From Lojban to English :

        Word: pesai [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmavo-compound
  Gloss Word: semi-permanent association
     selma'o: GOI*
  Definition: restrictive relative phrase marker: semi-permanently associated
       to; will remain associated unless something breaks that
       Notes: Proposed as a variation of po with less semantic-boundary
       difficulties, while freeing up po for reassignment in
       dialects/forks. Legal ownership is a possible relation; it
       could also mean, say, the chair assigned to you in an office,
       which will remain 'your' chair until reassigned, where mere
       pe could just mean the one you're sitting on. do'esai
       could be a variation to associate a bridi or the subject of the
       bridi, e.g. 'ti stizu do'esai mi'. See pecai, pe, ponse,

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