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To improve the quality of results, jbovlaste search does not return words with insufficient votes. To qualify to be returned in search results, a proposed lujvo is required to have received a vote in favor in both directions: for instance, in English to Lojban and in Lojban to English.

In addition, due to it being a very technically hard problem, full text searching (that is, searching of definitions rather than just keywords) is not available at this time.

2 definitions found
From Lojban to Swedish :

        Word: lunmes [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmevla
  Gloss Word: Väduren in the sense of "stjärnbild/stjärntecken"
  Definition: x1 är Väduren (stjärnbild/stjärntecken).
       Notes: Från lanme (=får/[lamm/bagge];lojban) och lu
       (=får;sumerogram). Denna stjärnbild har varit känd som
       bagge/får sedan babylonsk tid, och blev senare det första
       tecknet i djurkretsen (600-talet fkr). I hellenistisk astrologi
       associeras Väduren med det gyllene får i grekisk mytologi som
       räddade Phrixos.

From Lojban to English :

        Word: lunmes [jbovlaste]
        Type: cmevla
  Gloss Word: Aries in the sense of "constellation/astrology"
  Definition: x1 is Aries [astronomical constellation/astrological sign].
       Notes: From lanme (=sheep/[lamb/ewe/ram];lojban) and lu
       (=sheep;sumerogram). This constellation has been known as the
       ram/sheep since babylonian times, and later become the leading
       sign of the zodiac (7th century BCE). In Hellenistic astrology,
       the constellation of Aries is associated with the golden ram of
       Greek mythology that rescued Phrixos.

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