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To improve the quality of results, jbovlaste search does not return words with insufficient votes. To qualify to be returned in search results, a proposed lujvo is required to have received a vote in favor in both directions: for instance, in English to Lojban and in Lojban to English.

In addition, due to it being a very technically hard problem, full text searching (that is, searching of definitions rather than just keywords) is not available at this time.

1 definition found
From Lojban to English :

        Word: ja'oi [jbovlaste]
        Type: experimental cmavo (YOU RISK BEING MISUNDERSTOOD IF YOU USE THIS WORD)
     selma'o: JAhOI
  Definition: permutation cycle writer notation start
       Notes: Basically like jo'i, but for cycles. Use boi in order to
       separate terms.  Terminated by tei'u. In this notation, each
       term maps to the the subsequent term as read from left to right
       or heard in chronological order of utterance; the last term
       (immediately before tei'u) maps to the first term. The object
       constructed is a cyclic permutation, a group element. The
       singleton cycle is identity on that term. It can be applied to
       a single element among its terms or may left group act upon a
       set or structure, or an element if the application is not
       directly upon it (such as when the application is to an index
       or variable of that element). Permutations are composed when
       viewed from outside of their group structure and have the group
       operator act upon them when within that context. The
       transposition (1  2) is expressed as ' li ja'oi pa boi re tei'u
       '. See also: tei'u, ma'o'e, gu'ai, ru'ei, fa'ai.

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